Growing Alaska’s farm & ranch community through membership

Without local farmers, there is no local food or access to local sustainable products like hay, flowers, or fiber. 

Alaska agriculture is growing and can play a vital part in diversifying Alaska’s economy.  Whether it’s producers growing food, fiber, our peony industry with huge export opportunities or the businesses that support our farmers, successful farmers mean more jobs and more money staying in our local economy.

At Alaska Farm Bureau, we are in the business of helping build a strong farm community that supports the growing needs of farmers.

Can Alaska Feed Itself?

This is a question we talk about a lot at the Alaska Farm Bureau. As farmers, we are responsible for the feeding of our community and care deeply about Alaska’s access to fresh, local produce. Currently, the majority of food consumed in Alaska is from out of state. As an organization, we are committed to increasing the strength of our local food system by supporting farmers. We want to see our local food system support and feed more Alaskans by building stronger food systems. 

It’s important to note that it doesn’t take much land to feed Alaskans. For example, it would only take 200 acres of carrots, 4700 acres of potatoes, 600 acres of lettuce and 200 acres of cabbage to supply Alaska’s yearly demand.  That’s just 5700 acres!  

Our small population size, high quality arable lands, and Alaska spirit make this an easily attainable goal if we let our stores know that shopping Alaska grown meats and produce is that important to us.

How to Support Alaska Farmers 

Become a Member

As a Farm Bureau member, you’ll be part of an organization dedicated to supporting farmers and our community.

Shop Local

Buy Alaska Grown at your grocery store, attend farmers markets across the state, look for roadside stands and buy direct from our farmers.


Be an Advocate

Talk to your local, state, and federal representatives. The more people having the conversation, the further our work will get.

Ask for Alaska Grown

When at your local grocery store, favorite restaurant, or kids’ school, ask for Alaska Grown. If consumers and parents ask, suppliers listen.